Recycling and waste management services for homeowners and industrial construction clients at our diversion/reclamation facility.

Operating since 1984, The Northland Material Management Facility, located on a portion of SE ¼ 2-53-26W4M, directly north of Highway 16A just east of Highway 60 in Parkland County, includes a Class III Landfill and a Recycling Transfer Facility. The Class III landfill is operating under an approval from Alberta.

Environment and Parks (“AEP”). The existing AEP approval also allows Northland to recover select materials from the waste steam received at the site for further handling. The disposal activities at this site are the responsibility of Northland Material Handling Inc. while the recycling activities are the responsibility of a related company, Northland Recycling Inc. The waste stream currently handled at this facility includes inert dry waste from residential and industrial construction, renovation and demolition activities typically known as C&D waste and includes concrete, wood, metals, asphalt shingles and drywall.  

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