As part of the waste recycling transfer operation, metal, drywall, concrete and asphalt shingles are recovered from the incoming waste stream and transferred out from the site for reuse in other industrial applications.

Wood is chipped on site and shipped to the Dapp Power Plant near Westlock where it is used as a renewable fuel source.

Drywall is diverted from incoming waste and trucked off site and transformed into a product that can be supplied to local farmers to help grow their crops in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Metal is diverted from incoming waste streams and trucked off site to local metal recyclers. Concrete is diverted from incoming waste and crushed by a sub-contracted party and used or sold for use in the road construction industry.

The remaining non-recoverable materials are processed through the material processing facility whereby two electrically generated Primax PR6600 Reducers shred the material to a desired 8 – 12 inch output material.

With a capacity of 75-100 metric tonnes per hour and an ability to run both machines simultaneously Northland has the ability to handle all incoming inert volumes. Outbound shredded material is transported by third party trucking contractors to nearby landfills.